A Break……

………from everything. I took a conscious decision to delete Facebook. Yes, delete. Not defriend people – Although I”m sure some of the family are having a field day thinking I’ve dared to do such a thing as defriend them.

I haven’t deactivated it either, too much temptation to dip a toe back in the water. So a full on deletion it was then. The only downside to that was not being able to admin my Hanging by a Thread facebook page.

I can heartily recommend deleting it. I haven’t felt so happy in my own skin for so long. FB has a way of creeping into every single aspect of your life, from what you had for lunch to getting caught in a thunderstorm. Rather than enjoying the moments we are caught up in sharing them with others, letting others know what a lovely life we lead or not. Are they really interested? I’d say no. I’d say they were probably bored silly by photos of glasses of wine and  the odd windswept hill. Mr Zuckerberg has tapped into the basic need and desire to be liked and that worries me greatly.

But in distancing myself from that I have also taken a break from making things. My poor bugs have been severely neglected and my hat making stalled after the first construction. I have however been reading books that I had been meaning to for months, if not years. I’ve been watching films and tv shows as well as cooking and revamping our house. It’s been very therapeutic and I’m feeling ready to start the ‘making again’. I’m not sure about the freaky fascinators route anymore but I do know that the bugs are going to remain a major part of my creativity. I’ve taken my gorgeous dung beetle and mounted it on a frame. It now has pride of place above the lovely honeybee lamp that I fell in love with last week.

bug framed 2 bug picture

The next piece of work I have planned is a present for my husband.  When his father passed away, Christopher was given one of his guitars. It’s a beautiful Takemine – part of a limited release. He never got to meet his father and he at least has something of his to treasure now.

Anyway, he couldn’t bring himself to change the strings knowing that his father had played them but 2 and half years on he knows that he needs to. His Dad’s lovely widow kindly sent us some photos of his dad playing guitar so we are going to frame them together and I’ll be adding one of the strings and his plectrum that will hang next to the guitar. I’m going to try to bend the string into the shape of a treble clef but we’ll see how successful that will be. This is an important project and it’s actually giving my creativity a real boost knowing that I’ll be making something so special.

I need to keep this blog updated more although that can be quite hard when my pieces take so long to make but I’ll try to share other artists’ works and pages that have sparked my imagination 🙂 My Facebook page Hanging by a Thread will be active again as well, as I have set up a profile page to admin it.

Right, I have a couple of weeks before I’m heading off on my holidays! Somewhere warm and sunny beckons with the husband….CAN’T WAIT!!

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