Causing a Stink….

A few months ago when I was doing my hat course – before I’d even started my hat I was thinking of what bugs to use for an embellishment. Thanks to one of my lovely Facebook page likers, the Stinkbug became the front runner. I’d heard of them before but never seen one until I googled it for the first time. There in all it’s loveliness was the black and red striped variety!

stink bug photo


He started out as just a plain red and felt beetle covered in organza. I toyed with the idea of sewing strips of black and red fabric together but knew that as soon as I formed the shape of the body, they would go all wonky donky. Luckily I had some strips of ribbon that were perfect.

*Tip of the day – you know those bloody annoying strips of shiny cotton that you find inside sweaters and cardigans? I used to snip them out and throw them away but now I keep them for my scraps jar. This is a great big glass vase that I throw anything in that is too small for making into something on it’s own.


There are also ribbons, small Pandora cases – anything that might be useful. Anyway, those little bits of ribbon come in really handy. I did have more but the granddaughter is very fond of the craft room – she has her own table in there where she draws and makes things – and ribbons are very handy for tying her long hair out of her face. I never seem to get them back, they end up out in the garden I’m sure of it! And therefore inside the French Bulldog Eric! LOST forever!

So, here are some shiny stripes, thinner ribbon on the head and upper body, with a thicker ribbon on the main body. The legs are brown millinery wire. It was a bugger of a job trying to get the stripes lined up in a similar way to the real bug.

photo 1 (1)   photo 4 (1)

image    photo-2

photo 1-1photo 2-1

The photos above are the legs once they are covered in florist’s tape and then painted with fabric paint. I got the tip for florist’s tape from the amazingly talented blog. She makes these beautiful fabric creations, ranging from sailing ships to tiny little birds and in one of her free tutorials, she showed how she makes the bird’s legs – using wire and florist tape!

I’m working on his wings today. I didn’t even realise they had wings but they do, gorgeous little red and black wings that shoot out from the side of their body. See below!

another stink bug

I’m not using my sewing machine to make the wings this time, I’m handsewing the organza in an embroidery hoop so that I can add bits and bobs of fabric and ribbon as I go. The first one took me nearly two hours so this could take a while. Pictures will be added to my Facebook page as soon as they are completed.

We are off on our holidays next week. We were planning somewhere warm and sunny but the poor husband has been travelling with business so much the past month or so that we are going on a road trip instead, to save him from another ‘plane ride. We’ll be heading south to Yorkshire to spend time with his lovely family before plonking ourselves in Manchester for a lovely long weekend. Lots of good food and relaxation, some time with our nephews and then footy on the Sunday (not me – the husband, I’ll be in the spa getting my face ground down and my back pummelled).

Then back on Monday via Edinburgh. It’ll be our first visit there since we moved to Scotland and I’m looking forward to that. Scottish National Gallery beckons 🙂 So expect some photos and a blog post about that.

Here are a few links of places we have on our list for next week!


I’ll try to get photos up of the finished Stinkbug before we leave x

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