So, don’t read any further if you don’t like them!!

Was that a sizeable gap to give you chance to click another link? It wasn’t? Sorry O.o

Anyone who knew me in my late 20s and early 30s knows that I kept spiders. Namely two Chili Rose Tarantulas called Ophelia, yes they were both called Ophelia. Somewhere there is a photo of me with one of them on my hand but I’ve stored that one in the modern day version of the attic, aka the Cloud. It grows older each day while I maintain the soft glow of youth….LOL

Anyway, I finally have another spider. I figure he’s going to be amazing inspiration for my bug making endeavours!

This one is a Brazilian White Kneed Tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata) and is a juvenile so quite young. It arrived yesterday via courier and the box was damaged quite badly – in fact it had a giant hole in the corner. He asked me to unpack and check that everything was ok, which I did but I couldn’t find the spider container. I looked at the state of the packaging and said, ‘Where’s the spider?’

‘The what?’

‘The spider, there’s supposed to be a Tarantula in this box’

His face went as white as his van and he then disappeared to check his van.

Luckily I found the small tube containing the spider, rolling around in the box so when he came back, almost transparent with fear to say that he hadn’t found it, I was able to show him that it was in fact safe and sound.

Well, maybe that’ll teach him to be more bloody careful with his packages.

Little spider man is now safely ensconced under a rock in his new spider wonderland but we then had the dilemma of finding a name. I wanted to call him Hilts after the Steve McQueen character in the Great Escape. But Tilly (the 3 year old granddaughter) wanted to name him. I was expecting to have the names Peppa or Elsa (those of you with little ones will know who I’m referring to) but no, nothing so simple.

Innocent Bystander

Yes, that’s his name. She said ‘Bystander. Innocent Bystander’. Apparently it’s a line from ‘Flushed Away’ (another of her favourite movies).

So that’s what he’s called. Innocent Bystander. Stan for short. Or as my spider hating husband calls him S’tan (Satan with a silent A).


He may look large and terrifying but his abdomen is about the size of a 2p piece so he’s just a baby.

Stan, welcome to the family x

btw, his faunarium is incredibly spider proof, he’s not getting out, he’s not going to flick his irritating hairs at small family members or bite them or cocoon them in his silky web. I’m a responsible owner but I’m an even more responsible Ninna when it comes to my mini me Tilda x

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