Watch the birdy!

I have finished the 3rd attempt at the lovely Ann Wood bird pattern. It is done. The grand-daughter has her 4th Christmas tree decoration and I’m extremely happy with the finished result. There were a few necessary tweaks but only on a personal level, the pattern is excellent and I highly recommend it.

I used a slightly thinner gauge wire for the legs this time and got a much more natural looking leg and he still managed to stand up on his own. I changed the wings, I’m absolutely useless at invisible stitching so it made more sense for me to sew flatter wings on, I also managed to slip in a bit of organza. LOOK! I have rolls and rolls of the stuff, I have to get it used!

IMG_5595 IMG_5597

I also gave him a felt beak which was then slightly embroidered and sewn on, it worked far better for me than the air dried clay beak, that thing did NOT want to stay on.

IMG_5593-1 IMG_5594 IMG_5595-1 IMG_5597-2

Isn’t he cute? I’ve added him to my facebook page but now I’m inundated with people wanting one!! I’ll be making a bunch of them today and if they are good enough, I’ll be sharing them out 🙂  Keep following the facebook page Hanging by a Thread for updates!

From an original pattern and design by Ann Wood Handmade

The Little Bird pattern was designed by Ann Wood, copyright 2014.

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