Blog? What blog?

Oh, this blog!

I have been busy crafting little birds. It was not my intention, in fact once I had finished Tilly’s bird, I was intending to start on a new bug but it went slightly bonkers after I put up the 3rd bird. He of the little red breast and the spindly legs. A dear friend from the US (and one of her friends) wanted some. I pointed them in the direction of some amazing bird makers on Facebook (I’ll list them at the end of this post) but was told by my friend that she only wanted one by me. I ain’t that good but I agreed. She wanted one each for her grandchildren (5) and so I carried on, including an extra one for her friend Randa.

I’m apologising before you get them Karen, they are still my early efforts and there may be a wonky leg or a squinty eye. I’m not registered as a business, nor as self employed so I didn’t ask for money. I don’t want to get on that roundabout just yet!  So the other day, I parcelled up those little birds and they started their little flight across the pond to the USA.

This is the Randa bird 🙂

Randa 3

Then I made one for my daughter’s friend – here is the ‘Ashley’ bird below.

Ashley 1

So now this is where it’s all going a bit bonkers. Since the 2nd of November (ten days ago) I’ve gained over 150 new page likes on Facebook (see link on the right). I’ve networked a bit on some brilliant pages including Handmade in the UK, UK Hand Made etc but no more than usual. It’s lovely to have likes and comments, it can confirm you are doing a great job or not which is always a good thing. The most disturbing thing of all is the request buy them. I had fully intended to start selling them in an etsy shop this week but after trying to work my way through the maze of registering with the HMRC and all the other very important stuff, I’m going to have to put that on hold until I’ve decided one way or the other whether I actually want to sell my birds.

It’s easy to get carried away especially as I seem to be doing a much better job with each one and I’m not bored yet which is always a good thing. I already have plans for lovebirds leading up to Valentine’s Day and Easter Chicks etc. It’s another thing entirely to devote time to bookkeeping, admin and all that stuff that I don’t have to worry about right now, which would take time away from doing what I love, which is crafting and messing around with fabric.

longer cover photo

I really didn’t realise I would get the overwhelming response that I have and I am pretty humbled by it, so thank you all.

So here’s the decision. I am going away for a lovely break for my birthday next week. The husband and I are going to discuss my options. I’m then going to speak to someone about all the financial and legal nitty gritty involved. I will carry on crafting little robins because I will be handing them out instead of Christmas cards this year to those I really like 🙂 *evil laugh* and also so that I have some in stock to etsy bomb you with if my decision is to start trading 🙂

There are traders out there who aren’t registered and I do NOT want to be one of them. It’s too much hassle when (notice I don’t say ‘if’ – ‘cos there is NO ‘if’ about it) you get caught and if there’s only two certainties in this life, it’s death and taxes. If you are a trader who hasn’t registered yet, I suggest you get your arse in gear and make it legal.

silver bird

I know that’s probably not what some of you wanted to hear but you’ll know the outcome by the beginning of December (while there’s still time to post the wee birdies).

So on that note, here are some truly talented bird crafters on Facebook, that sell their beautiful creations. Be quick tho’ they are hugely popular.

As you know, I use the brilliant pattern by Ann Wood, please take some time to head over to her page and take a look at some of her stunning work. I’m a massive fan of her owls, they are perfection.
The Little Bird pattern was designed by Ann Wood, copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

P.S if you got all the way through that long ramble, pst, here’s a secret……

I’ll be doing a giveaway when I get to 1000 likes, let’s hope it’s before I take my break next week! Shhhh….don’t tell anyone.

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