Nearly there….

….by that, I mean the last posting day before Christmas. So far all the birds I’ve made and posted off have been personal orders for friends which has kept me busy  enough. I’ve been able to make some birds and pop them up on my etsy and folksy shops (links on the right).

There were no sales in that first week of trading and I was starting to wonder if I’d made the right decision. Yes, I know, a week is such a short period of time. But I carried on with the family & friend orders, packaging and posting. Then yesterday morning (Sunday) still doughy from a late Saturday night and in my pjs, I got an amazing email from Folksy notifying me of my first sales!! Two birds in one fell swoop, sold! It’s an amazing feeling, a mixture of absolute high and sickening dread. It’s lovely when people tell you that your work is nice or lovely, whoever those people are but when it’s a complete stranger who has purchased something, it feels even more amazing. But then I have the dread of waiting to see if she likes it. I know there are slight imperfections on my birds, tiny stitches that might not be as neat as they are on later works. So I’ll sit here nervously waiting to find out what she thinks.

red wrapping

Anyway, in an hour I’ll be heading to the Post Office with some parcels, including the two for their lovely new owner. I’ve been waiting on my business cards and packaging which luckily turned up last week.

drink champagne

Right, I’m looking after the grand-daughter till 1.30 so I’m now off to play Peppa Pig with the new cut outs we just made, have a great day x

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