Nice to meet Tsu

Well, owing to Facebook’s new rules regarding Pages and self promotion – see here , I was already looking for a new social network platform. When I checked my page this morning I found that not only were my photo albums totally missing but also that in the ‘photos of Hanging by a Thread’ section, the only photos that were displayed were ones that other people had posted to my wall. The ONLY images of my work that were still visible were the ones I had posted to my timeline as separate images. Don’t even mention the fact that my reach has gone from around 200 per post to an average of 37, dire.


Anyway, for the last 3 hours, I haven’t been getting any notifications either when anyone has responded to any of my posts……so my temper isn’t too good.

I saw today on a post by the lovely Justine Hadfield – she makes fabulous glass art – mentioned Tsu, a new social networking thing that needs an invite/code to join. I had a good read up of some articles about it and decided I wanted to have a go and thanks to someone posting their username (you can use that as a code) for us, signed up. If you would like to check it out, head to and sign up, using HangingbyaThread in the code box. That’s where I am. 🙂

I’ll keep you updated as to what I think of it


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