fabric textile bird material 3d

A few answers…..

To the many questions I have received lately about my birds. I spent the weekend making a kingfisher and he’s proved so popular that I’ve been inundated with requests for him. Right now, he’s the only one and if I was to price him based on the amount of hours that went into him he’d be very, very expensive. I’m going to refine the ‘make’ so that he takes less time and I can make him more accessible to more of you.


‘How can I buy your birds?’

At the moment I’m working on a commission only basis. Send me a message and let me know what you want and I’ll let you know if it’s possible and if I have any time to do it. I will try to get some stock together but right now it’s not happening.

‘How much are your birds?’

The small ones (from the pattern – which I purchased –  by Ann Wood – you can find this pattern on her website http://www.annwoodhandmade.com) are between £14 and £20 but I will be only making these when I have time and they will go straight onto my etsy shop.

duck egg blue bird

The bridal couples are £55. P&P varies from £4.50 to £8 depending on size of box needed (and weight) – however these are made to order and I won’t be making any for the forseeable future.

The larger ones i.e Flamingo or Crane are upwards of £75 depending on individual birds.


Smaller birds from my own patterns and designs, with more embellishment are upwards of £50. Even though these birds are small, they have many, many hours of embellishment on them. Lots of tiny stitches and feathers take a long time to add but this makes every single bird completely unique.


Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes, p&p will be different depending on where.

Do you make other animals?

No, at the moment, it’s just birds and bugs. This won’t change 🙂

All my creations are for decoration only and are NOT suitable for children, also please keep them away from your pets. Unless you want a hefty insurance bill when the vet has to remove wire legs from their intestinal tract 🙂

All birds are designed my myself unless stated when I sell them.

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