fabric textile bird material 3d

Swan Song…

I gave myself a week off from commissions. I wanted to spend some time on other bird designs, trying to stretch my mind and my capabilities before jumping back into kingfishers and flamingos again.

I know I moan about working with white fabric, threads and beads but I wanted to have a go at a mute swan. They are so majestic and graceful and I wondered if I was capable of doing them justice.

swan 1

Here’s the very basic beginnings….

swan 2

As you can see, I’ve added a ruffle and some beads. People ask me why I give my longer necked birds such fancy necks – the simple truth is that it hides the joins 🙂

swan 3

I am really pleased with how this beak finally turned out. I’m still not enjoying the polymer clay at all but I’m finding my way through with it.

swan 4


and here is the finished piece. He’s resting on a piece of blue fabric covered in machine and hand stitches, beads and some couching to give the appearance of ripples as he moves through the water. I’m still not sure about that ruffle but it’s too late now!

You can find him on Ebay where he will be for sale for the next three days.

I had so many lovely comments on my facebook page about him and it’s impossible to respond to all of them at the moment but please know that I read every single one. It’s so encouraging and gives me such a boost to know that you love my work. I did get a bit miffed at one comment because someone had posted ‘yes I’ll have a go at making this’ – if you read my posts, you’ll know that I regularly give support to people who would like to know how I started. I always send them straight to Ann Wood Handmade to try out her patterns, it’s where it all began for me. Her patterns gave me the confidence to try to design my own birds and to develop a style of my own. I love it when people send me photos of their own work and ask about things I’ve tried. But that one very blatant comment tipped me over the edge, I came over all irrational. I’ve now stowed that feeling thankfully.

I would like to say to every single person that wants to create. Do it. Be inspired by others but work at developing your own style. I loved working from Ann’s pattern for my little birds but my kingfisher, blue tit, swans, cranes and every other bird, I’ve worked on for many hours (and in some cases days) to create and to put my own mark on.

In the great words of Nike….. Just do it!!!

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