The problem with birds….

… that there are so many of them. I’m now at a stage where they are practically flying around my head like a scene from Cinderella. I have so many plans but simply not enough time to put them into action.

This week I finished a Kingfisher commission, I think he was the best yet shape wise and he was posted off, safely cushioned in his box of tissue and shredded wood.

Heather Smith Kingfisher

I really like him on that No Fishing sign!

Anyway, then I started on this week’s project – a very tiny wren.


I had two beak breakages, that polymer clay stuff is the bane of my creative life! I’m hoping to finish this little lady today, although the house looks like a bomb site and my laundry pile makes Ben Nevis look like a small hillock. I need more pairs of hands and a clock that has 36 hours in the day!

I do a lot of my business through my facebook page (the link is on the right) and if you are interested in commissioning a bird from me, I recommend you use the Facebook messaging to ask me about timeframes & prices etc. That way I have a conversation to refer back to. It’s getting harder and harder to find comments from people, that I’ve replied to with information. Also, by communicating via message, it keeps the information private, especially useful if you are buying one of my birds as a gift. You can also Email Me with any questions.

I recommend that you take a wander through my photo albums to see what sort of birds I make, they are being added to on a regular basis – if you can’t see the bird you would like, message me and we can talk about what you want.

Oh, listen….can you hear that? I think there’s someone living in my laundry pile, either that or the shirts are staging a mutiny…..

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