It’s too early to be awake on a Sunday…

5am I was awake. Yes, 5am! Although that was an improvement on 4am and Thursday’s wonderful time of 2.30am. This is what happens when you go to bed at 9pm.

The husband has been in the US for a week on business and I find it impossible to sleep when he’s not there, I fall asleep ok but it’s that moment when you roll over and reach out to touch hair or skin and he’s not there, wakes me with a bit of a jolt and it’s impossible to get back to sleep then. And no, I”m not allowing the Frenchie on the bed just to give the appearance of a warm body on the bed, he suffers from terrible wind and snores louder than I do. The Frenchie that is, not the husband!

Anyway, all this early waking has been beneficial to my creating mojo. So far this week I’ve finished a Wren, made two swan bodies, 3 kingfisher bodies and another wren body, ready for embellishing and decorating.

wrenjenny wrenwren 3

Oh and I finished a beautiful blue, green and purple hummingbird, this time drinking from a black and silver flower.


Blue Hummingbird 2 Blue Hummingbird

You can find the hummingbird on Ebay until the 11th of May.

The husband is due back today!! But at least I’ve made a start on a small Robin which I can get finished in the next few days.

And I might finally stay asleep till a proper time 🙂

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