fabric textile bird material 3d

A few questions…..


I’m regularly asked what birds I make, what they cost and how people can buy them. So I’m going to list my prices as well as showing you all of the birds that I currently make.

The best place to contact me is Facebook. That is open on my mac in front of me while I work (I’m usually watching Netflix but that’s another story!) so it means you will probably get an answer quite quickly. I’m currently not taking commissions but will be working on birds that will go up for sale as soon as they are finished. Payment is via Paypal, even if you don’t have a paypal account, I can send you an invoice and you can make payment by credit or debit card, using the paypal system.

The post and packing is £6 – £12 in the UK and between £10 & £16 for the rest of the world, depending on destination and packaging. I use Royal Mail or Courier and it will usually need to be signed for.

My birds are made primarily of fabric, organza, beads and wire. I use a polymer clay for their beaks although sometimes I use cone shaped beads.

crane side

I use stitch but also textile glues and varnishes so it’s advised that you keep the birds out of direct sunlight (to prevent fading) and away from heat sources (you don’t want the feathers to start dropping!).

My birds all come with a small silver ring on their leg, with my initials and year of make, stamped onto it. Except the Swan, that has no feet! But it does come on either a piece of blue embellished fabric or a gorgeous piece of handmade glass from Firefly Glass & Silver in Aberdeen. This option will also be available with my Kingfishers or any water birds (with an extra charge).

If you can’t see a bird that you would like, feel free to send me a message and I’ll have a go!

I hope this has answered a few of your questions 🙂



I had a rather uncomfortable moment on Monday when someone made a disparaging remark about my pricing. I’m not going to write a long post about what we as makers charge for our work but I will say this. I work bloody hard at my designs, often working on a bird for days, not just hours. You aren’t buying something that has been churned out in a sweat shop in half an hour. You are buying a unique piece of my work, as you are with all crafters and artists. If you don’t like it or the pricing? Don’t buy it. I know so many amazing artists who put their heart and soul into their work, they deserve our support, not knocking down!

5 thoughts on “A few questions…..

  1. Need to ignore negative comments, far out weighed by the good ones. Enjoyment of what you do shows, and other people appreciate that. They will do more especially if they are makers too.

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  2. Loved seeing your birds and enjoy seeing you on face book. Being a crafter your work is so inspiring to see and is visually pleasing. There will always be those who argue prices asked. In my mind they are not crafters and have no idea how long a design takes and these people would I’m sure go in and buy some c**p from china at the same price. Be true to yourself and to your work. There are enough of us to appreciate what you do and buy an heirloom. Jennifer.

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  3. I love seeing your art work on Facebook. The work you do is so unique and I love items that are handmade. Your birds are so beautiful and always bring joy to my heart! Keep doing your lovely artwork since so many appreciate what you are doing! Your fantastic❤️


  4. I have only just come across your page, your work is beautiful. And my first thought when I saw your prices was surprise that they weren’t more! I make patchwork quilts and get exactly the same kind of comments. My suggestion to people who think it is too expensive? ‘ Pop over to matalan or the range, I’m sure you will find something cheap and unique in there! ‘ keep up the wonderful work, and take no notice of the knockers, you are amazing 🙂


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