Exciting times!!

If any of you follow my facebook page, you will know (because I never shut up about it) that we are in the process of moving house.

 We get the keys at the end of the week and our moving date is set for next week. So, as you can imagine, our house is a bit chaotic. We are boxing stuff up and throwing a lot of junk, filling charity bags etc. I put off packing my craft room as long as I could but finally made a start yesterday.  So far I have 8 boxes of fabric alone, 5 of those being fat quarters so you can imagine how many shades and colours I have.

boxesI kept picking up fabric, oohing and ahhing, thinking, ooh Ostrich, ooh Raven, OOHHHH Macaw. That must have wasted a full hour alone. Anyway, I’ve made a start. The Sewing machine is packed and the needles & pins stored in a nice hard container to prevent stabbing injuries.

This rambling on about my house is going somewhere I promise. Anyway, all this mooching about and sorting has given me time to reflect on where I want to take ‘Hanging by a Thread’ and I thought I’d share a few of the ideas with you lovely people who’ve been so supportive of my work over the past 7 months of business.

I’m still planning to make my embroidered birds. My confidence in them has grown so much since that first Crane – the 2500 giveaway if I remember rightly. I put so many hours (days?) into him and it gave me the push to work on my own designs. I’m so glad I did!

Finished Crane

I won’t be taking any more commissions though. As much as I love talking to you the customer about what birds you want and how you want them, I always put so much pressure on myself and worry about whether it’s as good as you expect it to be that I feel a bit anxious and in some ways constrained. So from July I will be making these birds and then putting them up for sale. I will give lots of warning (especially to those who have expressed interest in a particular bird). This gives me the freedom to experiment more and to do a wider range of birds as well.

So, my last commission was this very handsome and proud chap. He was a joy because I hadn’t the first clue how to approach those feathers and it really stretched my creative muscles.

finished peacock 1 finished peacock 3 finished peacock 6 finished peacock 7 peacock in place

Many thanks to his new owner for sending me a photo of him in place! It’s always lovely when I see them in their new homes.

I know that a lot of my birds are out of the price range of many people so I’m currently trying to come up with some ideas for smaller items with a more affordable price tag. This includes small birds with less embellishment but also brooches incorporating my birds and bugs. But it also includes my robins based on the Ann Wood pattern. I’ll be starting on my Christmas stock in August, ready for sale around October/November time. I will try to get as many of those made as possible and these will be in the £20 range. There is no waiting list, these will go on sale and once they are gone they are gone!!

I’d really appreciate your feedback on these ideas as well so please, please let me know what you think! Also if you have any ideas for new makes, please tell me!

BTW although I’ll have nothing new to show you over the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of my favourite pages with you and boring you all silly with my complaints about moving house and unpacking x

4 thoughts on “Exciting times!!

  1. Hope you love your new home, but i hope you keep posting your work. I feel like im watching a friend (hope that doesn’t sound too familiar) but i do enjoy seeing your posts and live the end results. Happiness in the new house .


    • I’m totally snowed under with commissions I have left 😦 Once we are settled in the new house I want to do more new stuff and maybe take advantage of some of the gallery/shop offers that have come through. At least get some stock up together for them 🙂


  2. Thank you!! I’ll definitely still be posting photos, I love getting feedback and it’s lovely to see the photos of my birds when they finally find a home. Hopefully I’ll be unpacked and getting on with some work by the second week in July!


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