Finally moved in!

We have been in the house 3 weeks, we still have a mountain of boxes to unpack but at least we are getting there. Oh and my craft room is now unpacked, messy but I know roughly where most of my stuff is. Kind of. I think.

Anyhoo, last week was spent finishing a secret bird. It was commissioned as a gift for a fan of my facebook page so I can’t say too much but there will be photos as soon as I know that she has it.

I did finish a wonderfully bright robin with a little rainbow chest, the owner loves rainbows and I was nervous about getting it right for her but it somehow all came together together at the end.

Rainbow, robin, fabric, bird, textile bird, embroidery, fabric bird

Rainbow, robin, fabric, bird, textile bird, embroidery, fabric bird Rainbow, robin, fabric, bird, textile bird, embroidery, fabric bird

He was one of my last commission pieces. From now on I’m going to be working on pieces that I will make available for sale. Although, that said, I will be producing some of my Christmas robins based on the Ann Wood pattern, that I sold last year. I’ll keep you updated on pricing and availability for those.

One reason I’m not doing commissions for now, is that I really rebel against routines, schedules and deadlines. I find myself putting things off to the last minute rather than working all the time, so I’m hoping that having the freedom to create individual pieces with no timeframe, will take some of the stress off.

I’m about to finish a small bumble bee which is a gift for someone, fingers crossed I can get that finished quickly, then I’m on the hunt for a bird of paradise to tackle. I fancy making something with a bit of pizazz!

3 thoughts on “Finally moved in!

  1. He is very beautiful. I do the same thing, always leaving things to the last minute then panicking and getting super stressed out that there isn’t enough time. 🙂 I promised my son that I would cross stitch the X-Men for his bedroom. I jus


    • I’ve got lots of projects that I still haven’t finished. I must get it from my dad, bless him. He once put wall units up in the kitchen for my mum and 15 years later, he still hadn’t put the glass doors on!


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