As you can see, I’ve revamped the blog. The main reason was because it was obvious that I needed a page that was dedicated to showcasing all of the birds I’ve made so far, that would be easy for you – the readers – to find. You’ll find that under ‘Portfolio’ in the menu bar above.

You will notice a sharp increase in the prices. I’ve been told constantly in the past week that the prices I charge are too low. They were right. I just didn’t have the first clue how to work out a price. I spend hours, if not days on each bird. I thrash out the basic design, sometimes with up to ten different attempts, lots of little empty bird skins litter the floor, leaving my studio looking like some kind of killing ground for a mad moggy.  Then the embellishment, again, possibly days of work go into that. Anyway, all the information is on that page and if you want to order a bird or ask any questions, there’s a contact page as well, with a small form.

BTW the new prices don’t apply to the new commissions I just took on 🙂 Don’t panic 🙂

As regular readers know, we recently bought our ‘dream’ home and it’s been a hectic two months (two months already???) of decorating and moving in. I managed to get a few birds made and sent out but then my creative mojo went on holiday. I had no inclination to make anything and had all sorts of grand ideas about devoting my artistic life to making what I wanted to make, when I wanted to make it. Bad idea. Really bad idea. I am possibly one of the most unmotivated people on the planet. I struggle with schedules and routines but I struggle even more with pushing myself to do anything unless it really has to be done. I’ve tinkered with an art doll, one which I’m trying to incorporate my birds into, a Crow woman. She’s come along very well but I’ve hit creative block. So right now, she’s sitting on the small table next to my sewing chair, looking like Ninja Barbie!

But then I received a message from a very happy customer. She had received one of my birds as a birthday present and was absolutely over the moon. It was a real boost to my mood and started me thinking about my birds and how much they mean to some people. It also meant that I was finally able to put the photos onto my facebook page (she’s a follower and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise).

He got such a lot of praise that I have decided to take on some more commissions. I think it’ll make me work actually. I now have a couple of commissions including a Tawny Owl which I’m very excited about, you’ll be seeing updates in the coming days/weeks.

One of the other birds that I recently finished was the crow. Most people know that I’ve made several attempts to get the crow body right, failing dismally every time. But this one worked, it just worked. The final image in the gallery includes my very first attempt at a crow. My, how I’ve evolved!

I will be working on some more bugs as well. My small honey bee birthday gift to my son’s lovely girlfriend was very popular and I’m making one of those for a customer this week.

I haven’t figured out a proper price for this one yet but will update you as soon as I do.


Right, thank  you for being so patient and reading through my ramblings! Keep checking my facebook page for new updates and photos, especially with the new Tawny Owl commission 🙂

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