Another new bird for me…

Another week starts and I have two commissions I’m hoping to finish. Yes, I know the week started yesterday but I had one of those days where nothing gets done, although to be fair I cleaned the house and did a huge pile of ironing.

I’m still on a bit of a high after last week. After a major redesign of this site and a reworking of my prices, I started last week with lots of motivation and positive thoughts and shockingly, I still have them. Last week also saw a new bird fly into my portfolio, a small Tawny Owl. I’ve never done an owl before so it was a steep learning curve, especially with the head shape.

You can see some of the stages of his face, pulling in those eye sockets to form a bed for his eyes. I still think they could have been pulled in more but it was difficult to do that without altering the shape of his head.

I really wanted to put a small mouse in his talons and thought I’d have a go at needle felting again. I’ve done it once before to make a flat cap for one of my wedding groom birds. I can’t see it being an art/craft that I do a lot, aside from the injuries to my poor fingers from those needles, I found it very trying. Therapeutic to stab something so much but still very trying.

If you are interested in an owl, he’s on my portfolio page along with the price. I’m looking forward to trying a few different owls in the future.

This week however, I’m making two small bee brooches and a wren, like the ones below. The wren is on my portfolio page already with pricing but I’ll be adding the bee later when I get some more photos. The bees will be priced at £35 + p&p so if you are interested, please let me know and I’ll give you a timeframe for when I can accept orders again.

I should have my order books open by the end of September if not sooner but I’ll keep you updated.

Right, time for more coffee and to start one of those bees!

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