Happy New Year!!

It’s a bit late I know but for some reason January seemed to race by at such a speed and here we are, a week into February!

I finally finished a commission piece for a Guinea Fowl, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he turned out.

Guinea Fowl 2
Guinea Fowl – Commission Piece

I have two lovely little robins that were commissioned for a wedding, this time they will have personalised silver rings around their legs which I think adds a really nice personal touch.

two little robins

My current project is a Kingfisher and another embellished Robin which means that by next week, I’ll be starting on a different bird. I want to move away from commissions for a while. As much as I love the interaction I get with my clients I find that I’m doing a LOT of robins. Which is great but isn’t doing a lot for stretching my creative muscles. I was planning on a pair of swans for Valentine’s Day but by the time that comes round, I’ll be lucky to have started them.

I’ve seen a few really fabulous birds I want to try, a Harpy Eagle, several birds of paradise and a parrot are definitely on my list!


Have a great February 🙂

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