We will be taking a short break…

Morning lovelies!

I’m typing this from my bed so excuse any typos 🙂

My back issues are now causing major problems. Firstly I can’t get comfortable in any position now and only able to walk 15 steps at most before wanting to fall on the floor doing the ‘dying fly’ (google Tiswas & Dying fly). In huge amounts of pain which the meds aren’t touching now and slathering on the Deep Freeze gel like it’s going out of fashion.

I’m off to see a spinal specialist this week as we’re pretty sure it’s not sciatica now, so hopefully will have more news then. I say ‘off to’ – that’s assuming I can get down the stairs and into the car without passing out.

As you can imagine, no sewing is getting done. I will keep you up to date on that, I’m going to get the husband on Facetime and send him into my sewing room, guiding him around the room for supplies to bring up to me if this carries on. Please keep visiting the page, I’ll try to share lots of pages, links etc to keep you interested.


lots of love x

2 thoughts on “We will be taking a short break…

  1. Just like to wish you better .& I know how you feel ,I just discovered that my bones are crumbling &I’ve been told it’s the old age .Hope to God they will sort your problem.Best wishes shefika


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