A New Journey

Another post so soon??? Send in the doctors, there’s obviously something wrong!!

One of my Christmas presents was a gorgeous set of watercolours from the husband and the problem with getting really good quality materials, is that feeling that you should try to do the very best. I’ve signed myself up for a few months of lessons with the Anna Mason Online School – I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time and had been umming and ahhing over whether to take a few of her lessons.

Watercolours have always been a problem for me, I crave the intensity of acrylics and oils and constantly tried to recreate that with watercolours. Not only that but I never have the patience to persevere with painting, so my work has been quick, slapdash and haphazard, I called it ‘quick art’ and it became a family injoke.

Here’s my first three attempts at the tutorials from Anna Mason.

I’m absolutely gobsmacked that I have done as well as I have, usually I get bored and rush to finish but I didn’t feel the need to do that. I can thoroughly recommend Anna’s tutorials, they are really clear and informative. They are in order from beginner to intermediate but you can do whichever one you want. Although I do recommend that you start with the beginner tutorials as it will work on some of the basics.

That said, I’ve now rushed on to the hummingbird lesson. I told you, I have patience problems!

It’s been difficult for me to do as many birds this past nine months, the back and neck problems made it quite uncomfortable to sit bent over my sewing but now my Occipital Neuralgia has returned, so I’m having to really work on my posture otherwise the headaches are really debilitating. I’m painting, using a drawing board which has helped so much, in just a few days. Finding new ways to create is very important now.

I hope you don’t get too bored with my painting. I’ll be making a start on some of my own work in the coming weeks, I really fancy a flamingo…what do you think?

Now, to put the Christmas deccies away finally!!

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