My name is Amanda and I currently live in the very beautiful Aberdeenshire in Scotland. I’m originally from a small town in Wiltshire but during my grown up years I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia & Qatar in the Middle East. I’ve had many jobs over the years from the very under appreciated bar jobs to web developer and all the way up to Account Manager for an online training company. I even worked as a restaurant and food critic in the M.E.

Coming back to the UK has enabled me to faff about with what I love the most, sewing and creating. I stumbled on making my newest little creatures totally by accident. When my grand-daughter (our first grandchild) was born in 2011, I decided that each Christmas I would make her a decoration for her tree. She had a reindeer the first year but after that I tried to make variations of Robins. Then in 2014 I made a robin from a pattern I purchased from Ann Wood’s site. I enjoyed this so much that I started creating my own patterns and designs to the point that people wanted to buy them. And that’s where we are now…..Hanging by a Thread.


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